What actions can I take when my C-Lines don't connect to servers?

First check the settings on your receiver (given that you have valid c-lines provided by us)

In order to progress reboot your receiver and your internet connection

Sometimes router firewalls can also block the c-lines. Try turning it off

Your internet connection may be down, check your receiver for connection.

Check your receiver for a properly working CCcam is and active c-lines.

If the problem pertains and you still cannot connect, write us an e-mail with your c-lines data to get further support.

What type of equipment is necessary to use your service?

First you need a satellite dish pointing to your desired provider (ie. SKY) a Dreambox or a similar CCcam and a broadband connection.

Will I receive a card for my receiver box?

You will not need a card. After you put your order you will acquire lines of code ( C-Lines) which you type into a file on your receiver. This information tells the receiver the exact locations of our servers around the world and also gives instructions on how to communicate with them.

Can you describe card sharing?

Card sharing is using one valid conditional access subscription card to get simultaneous access to a pay TV network.   Usually, this valid card is attached to a personal computer or Dreambox which is connected to the Internet, and is designed to provide the legitimately decrypted control word to other receivers who demand the same information.  In order to decode an encrypted restricted access service this decrypted word is used. This acts as an individual subscription card.

There is a channel list on your website, will I be able to watch all of them?

It depends on the capacity of your satellite dish. If you have a mechanical system with a dish of a suitable size then it can be possible to receive all of the channels listed.
Some packages may stop working suddenly during card sharing and this problem is not related to our service. We deal with the problem immediately and get it work fast as we can.

What type of image can be used on my receiver?

For your satellite receiver you can install whatever image you want if it is a fit for the model and lets you run CCcam. You should not install an image that is not suitable to your receiver model.

What type of softcam is recommended to use on a receiver ?

Any version of CCcam is recommended to connect to our servers.

Do you support NewCamd, MgCamd, NewCS? Do you support any other softcam?

At the moment we can support only CCcam clients.

Can you provide the instructions in to configure my receiver to use CCcam ?

These instructions (to the point) and downloads are under our  support pages.

Is the CCcam.cfg file included in your service?

If you need it and ask for it we can send CCcam.cfg and CCcam.prio files. When you receive them all you have to do is to install them.

Is it possible to re-share your C: line or use it on more than 1 receiver?

No. The C: line provided will work only on 1 receiver at a given time.

On your web page it is stated that there will be no freezing, however sometimes I do have problems with the picture freezing. Is there any solution for this?

Al Pay TV services operate on an encryption policy that obliges your receiver to retrieve a new decoding word every few seconds. This action does not involve a principally large quantity of bandwidth but it is time critical. So, if one of these messages is lost due to delays on the Internet, cramming on your line, or congestion at your ISP it is feasible that your picture may freeze or become blocked for a few seconds.

In order to get the best possible quality service, we would recommend that you do not run any other software on your home network at the same as you are watching television. If your connection to the Internet is busy downloading or dealing with any other task it may hinder your viewing quality.

We would like to remind you once again you can only use your line on *one* receiver at a time. If you try to use it in more than one place at a time then the receivers will create conflict with each other and problems will occur.

How can I pay the fee?

You can pay by credit/debit card, Western Union, MoneyGram, bank transfer, skrill and other established means of payment.

Can you define IPTV?

IPTVInternet Protocol television, is a system on which TV services are provided by using Internet protocol suite over a packet switched network (e.g. LAN or Internet). IPTV does not use satellite signal, cable TV or other traditional terrestrial formats.

How much bandwidth does the IPTV stream use?

Our IP-TV streams use the H264 (newest) technology, offering the best compression and quality. The IPTV stream sizes are roughly around 1.5 Mbit/s. But when skipping through channels the H264 protocol may need to bounce slightly higher to begin showing the picture, so a 2Mbit minimum internet connection speed is required and 5 Mbit/s is recommended for HD channels.

Which kind of devices are supported ?

Supported devices:

  • MAG
  • Android Smart Phone
  • Android Boxes
  • Enigma2
  • DreamBox, Vu+ etc.
  • PC
  • VLC, Kodi/XBMC etc.
  • Smart TV

Is a satellite necessary for my IPTV?

No, dish or satellite equipment are not necessary. All you need is a connection of servers of IPTV through Internet.

With one subscription can I use two devices at the same time?

No. Although IPTV account can be installed in more than one device, only 1 connection is allowed at a given time.